We Work With Landlords on Apartment Junk Removal

We removal all the junk from your rentals!

Up Front Pricing

Text us a photo of your junk. Over the phone or via email/text, we provide rough estimates. When we arrive, we provide written firm pricing. We deliver Honest, Reliable Service at a GREAT PRICE!

What We Take

Most junk removal services have fine print about what they will take. We Mean It When We Say We Haul ANYTHING and almost EVERYTHING. Get ready for a company you will love. Click for the list.

Business Services

Junk Furniture Removal Services for your business includes offices, retail locations, construction sites, storage units, rental homes, and more. Our professional trash removal near me is happy to resolve all of your junk hauling needs.

Best Service Guarantee

Wild West wants you as a lifelong client. We go the extra mile by not only cleaning out your junk but also sweep and blow under your junk. You will have a new room ready for whatever use you can imagine

apartment junk removal - tenant turnover - apartment trash

Wild West Trash Removal will clean your apartments or rental homes of all the trash and junk that your tenant left behind.

How to handle abandoned property that has value, like bikes, stereos, cameras, etc, after tenant turnover.

Beware of local California state law!!!

In most states, the way that a landlord handles abandoned property of value depends on the circumstances surrounding the tenant’s departure.

  • The tenant moves out at the end of a lease or after giving their termination. Most states allow landlords the flexibility to dispose of apartment junk removal.

  • The tenant moves after getting a termination notice. Most states give landlords the flexibility to dispose of abandon belongings in this situation.

  • The tenant is physically evicted and leaves personal property behind. Many states require the landlord to store property of value for tenants who have been evicted. On the other hand, some states require no storage for tenant turnover.

  • The tenant disappears. Often a tenant’s property of value who leave with no notice must be treated differently from property abandoned after a tenant turnover (from notice or eviction). Be careful how you handle apartment trash.