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Is your House Cluttered? Don’t Know What To Do With Your Old Furniture? Tired Of Company Seeing Your Eye Soars Like Worn Out Hot Tubs And Sheds? Our Murrieta Junk Removal Company and Temecula Junk Removal Is Standing By to Help! We are the most affordable local Temecula trash removal, Murrieta trash removal, and Temecula junk removal services.

  • Residential Junk Removal: House cleanout, yard waste removal, trash removal, trash removal,  junk removal, trash removal, and garage junk removal.

  • Commercial Junk Removal: Call the Wild West for the cleanout and trash removal needs. We offer various services, including office cleanout, warehouse cleanout, trash overflow service, and storage unit cleanout.

  • Realtors and Property Managers Property Cleanout: We offer a range of services, including junk removal for tenant turnover, hoarder cleanout service, junk removal for senior living homes, and eviction cleanout service.

Murrieta trash removal - Murrieta junk removal - Temecula trash removal - temecula junk removal
Temecula Trash Removal - Temecula junk removal

Wild West Pricing Table

Loading Labor, Fuel Costs, & Landfill Disposal Fees are All Included.

3.5 cubic yds


7 cubic yds or 1/2 load


10.5 c yds or 3/4 load


14 cubic yds or Full load


What is a Cubic Yard

A cubic yard is a unit of measure used to express volume, equal to the amount of material that would fill a space that measures one yard (3 feet) in each direction. Specifically, a cubic yard measures 3 feet (or 36 inches) in length, width, and height and contains 27 cubic feet of material. It is commonly used for measuring quantities of soil, sand, gravel, concrete, and other building materials and for waste disposal. It can be visualized as a cube, measuring 3 feet long on each side.


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Wild West Temecula Junk Removal Company is a local junk removal service in Temecula, California, and the surrounding areas. We give our clients an unforgettable experience in customer service and quality work. Our team is the best Murrieta junk removal, Murrieta trash removal, Temecula junk removal, and Temecula trash removal company. Let us help you simplify removing junk in Temecula, Murrieta, Menifee, and Hemet.
Junk Removal
Junk Removal
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temecula junk removal - murrieta junk removal

Check Out the Wild West Temecula Junk Removal Crew in Several Fun Videos.

Be Prepared For the Temecula trash removal professionals to Wow and Impress.

temecula trash removal - murrieta trash removal

Check Out the Wild West Junk Removal Crew in Several Fun Videos.

Be Prepared For a Professional Team of Temecula Trash Removal to Wow and Impress.

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